Happy Friday! In honor of Women’s Month, I shine the light on my art works and other arts with featuring artists Dhane Philord and Samantha Jean – who has inspired many people like myself with their God-given talents.

As some of you may have already know, Dhane is my twin sister and is the founder and creator of Real Pointers founded 2014. A continuance growing content, Real Pointers is a remarkable blog site committed to women of color desire as it concentrates on topics such as inspirational, political, relationship and her true passion – fashion/styles. Dhane is currently working on a special fashion project that will focus on bringing awareness to classy and modern styles for black women. For more details and information follow her Instagram page (@realpointers) and stay connected!

Samantha Jean is a creative artist who’s not only skillful in drawing but also in doing hair for all hair types. She started drawing the from the time she was able to connect a paper and crayon – and has only sketched with just a pencil until two years ago. She would then transitioned into markers that soon led her in using watercolors. Samantha fell in love with the idea of creating something and bringing it to life with colors. According to the creative artist, it  is considered to be her passion because it allows her to just be herself  in her own world. Furthermore, Samantha was originally inspired by her siblings who were really into drawing and had decided to make her own illustrations from there. She then realized her hidden talent and has been consistent in drawing ever since. Not realizing the amount of instant support she has received from her various artworks, Samantha haven’t really taken her work serious until now. One of Samantha’s goal is to design clothing for fashion companies and have her artwork displayed in art galleries. Although, her artwork is not available for purchase as of yet, she is currently accepting orders on custom art made via Instagram (@samantha_chanel). If you’re interested in getting a custom art made, you can send her a direct message to discuss orders!

In the meantime, join the shining movement as I shine light on the fashion and art designs of these beautiful young ladies as well as myself. Enjoy.



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